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Author, Freelance Writer and Writing Coach
Book Writing Services

Experienced in writing 65,000+ word books and 9,000+ word e-books and mini books. My books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites. Contact me about your next book-for-hire or ghostwriting book project.


Writer of magazine articles, blogs, company profiles, email newsletters, entrepreneurial bios, mini books, and manuscript analyses. Able to take complex subject matter and simplify it through clean, easy-to-understand writing.

Ghostwriting and Work-For-Hire

Have a great idea for a book, screenplay or other writing project? Let me write your masterpiece and put your name on it. I have over 37 years of professional writing experience. No project is too great or too small.

Editing services

Extensive experience in editing manuscripts, magazine articles, blog copy, and research volumes. A stickler for clean writing and making every word count.


In today’s world of quick messaging, texts and shorthand emoticons, good writing — no, great writing — is crucial when it comes to standing above and apart from the crowd. Being able to create great copy can be daunting, however, no matter how innovative your idea or project is. That’s where I come in: I can write in your style and your voice, and be that guide, that editor, that grammar expert, that writer who helps you clean up your bogged down wording and whip your writing into shape. The end result will be a finished product with teeth and integrity.


Make sure your copy goes to print error-free and grammatically correct. I’m known in some circles as “The Comma Queen” and am obsessed with the peculiarities and rules of grammar.


I am currently working on two screenplays — AND am open to writing yours. I am knowledgeable about the format and own Final Draft software, the industry standard. Contact me if you are interested in hiring me to write your screenplay idea.


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