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Time to be in the Assault Victim’s Corner for Both Men and Women, By Mark Fitzgerald

My musician friend, Mark Fitzgerald, who unexpectedly passed away in January 2019, posted the following on Facebook on September 28, 2018. His post perfectly demonstrates that men get assaulted too, and the life-long damage for them is also life changing:

“Damn near every female I have become close
enough with to discuss such things
has been sexually assaulted at one time or another.

Mark Fitzgerald, photo by Debbie Lawrence

As children or young women usually.
Several of them more than once.
Unless my experiences are wildly atypical I think
it’s obvious that the current stats are bullshit.

I have known two men who claimed to have been
accused falsely.
I know that at least one of them was guilty.

So why do so many folks automatically assume
a woman is lying when she reports sexual abuse?
Recent or in the past.
Nevermind. I already know the answer.
So do an awful lotta preachers.

The only serious physical assault I have suffered outside
of a barroom was at the hands of US Border Patrol.
Three of them.
It is the only time in my life that I have been
completely powerless to defend myself physically.
They had guns. They had badges.
I could do . . . nothing.
Curl up best I could and cover my hands.
No control over the situation whatsoever.
And it fucking hurt. In more ways than one.
That feeling does not go away. Ever.
It kills something in a person.
Something pretty.
Something you don’t get back.
And if one of those flashlights had found its way
up my ass I imagine I would’ve
had much more embarrassment
and rage to deal with.

And no . . . I do not remember the precise date.
Nor hour.
Nor the color of the walls.
But I will see those animals’ faces as long as I live.
Grinning faces.

I hope “that Ford woman” nails his slimy ass to the wall.
If ever there was a clear example of one person telling a
painful truth . . . and another resorting to self-righteous
anger because it is his only defense . . . this is it.

If I see anyone defending Kavanaugh at this point,
I am done with them.
I don’t just mean Facebook.
There is entirely too much stoopid in my life
since The Age Of Trump darkened the land.
Time to do some housecleaning.

I have spent my life in trying to understand
The Human Condition.
I think I finally do. dammit.
I wish I had learned to knit instead.
Woulda been easier on my fingers.
Gonna go write some Kid’s Songs now.
‘Got my umbrella ready just in case . . .
’cause it’s been cloudy and graaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.’
God DAMN, but hasn’t it?
(That’s not goin’ in the tune.)”

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