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Selling Yourself Short

I never answer ads for freelance writing jobs that state that the amount of payment depends on a writer’s experience. A job is either worth a certain amount of pay or it’s not, regardless of how many years a writer has under his or her belt.

The companies that run these ads are trying to get talent for a steal, but the bottom line should be that your time as a freelance writer is money, and should not be dependent on how many years you have been penning your lines. Besides, a company knows what its budget is and what the job entails, and that’s what it should base the payment on.

I advise writers to avoid these kind of writing jobs — the time involved is almost never worth the amount you wind up getting paid. Also avoid ads where you have to bid on a job — it only pits writers against one another, when what we should be doing is sticking together and demanding to be paid what our talent is worth.

Writers are notoriously underpaid; but if engineers, plumbers, electricians, computer techs, and even mechanics can demand a high dollar for their time and talent, surely writers can do the same. After all, there isn’t a company on the planet that doesn’t use the written word to further its business.

And that should be worth something.

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